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Hi ho, gang! Yes, i'm still alive. I got ill in February and was either in hospital or recovering and not allowed to drive til recently, and so missed the last couple issues of Teen Titans. But! Now I have both the ones I missed and the latest in hand! So I figure i'll do one post on the back issues and a separate post for the new. I have here six pages each from Teen Titans #28 and #29 - sounds like a lot, but there's at least one double-page splash from each ish.

You'll recall that when we left our merry band, the remaining Titans had joined Kid Flash and Solstice in the 31st century, where Bart was apprehended and put on trial. Being in the future enabled Bart to break through his Echo-created "witness protection" personality and become the evil revolutionary Bar Torr again, and submitting to the trial was part of his scheme - with all his world's power brokers gathered to watch him hang, his forces were able to strike at all of them at once, to the Titans' dismay.

We now join the battle already in progress )

Stay tuned, gentle readers! Same Titan time, same Titan channel!
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secret twin / doppelganger mind games friends to lovers / friends with benefits au: alternate professions trapped in a dream
character in distress poor communication skills holidayfic au: fusion telepathy / mindmeld
au: alternate gender norms against all odds FREE

unexpected friendship twenty-four hours to live
au: fairy tale / myth celebratory kiss au: space snowed in au: mundane
marriage hurt / comfort sex pollen indecent proposal soul bonding / soulmates
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Well, this was...messy. Two full pages and individual panels to make up maybe a third page and a half.

There must still be hidden defenses! )

And so hastily ends the Fatal Five Destroy Everything arc. Next issue, we tie up ... THE UNIVERSE ... as the series ends.

Art is by the tagless Jeff Johnson on pencils and Andy Smith on inks.
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OK, so the work on this primer kind of got away from me, mea culpa. But I now have it complete up to the current "The Culling" crossover arc.

In Part 1, we saw how Yera was duped into impersonating Shrinking Violet for months on end, during which time "Vi" secretly married Colossal Boy. Yera was exposed, Vi was rescued, Gim and Yera decided to stay married, and all was on track for them all to live happily ever after.

But first, they gotta tell Gim's parents...

in a story called 'Guess What's Coming to Dinner?' No, really. )
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Hello s_d! As promised back in my last Legion Lost post, here is a Chameleon Girl retrospective. Because this is gonna be too huge, I'm breaking it into two parts: pre- and post-Conspiracy. Second part will go up tomorrow if my computer cooperates. Images from Legion of Super-Heroes 288-305 in this part.

In this part we ask the eternal question, When is a Shrinking Violet not a Shrinking Violet? Is it when she suddenly starts entertaining advances from the guy who's had a crush on her forever? Or is it when she gets called out on same by her boyfriend of record?

Or is the answer...something far more sinister? dun dun DUNNNNN

pace Vic Sage, 'Obvious, in hindsight' )

So ends part 1 of our tale. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say this plot was the most interesting thing to happen to Shrinking Violet and/or Colossal Boy in years. Plus, it falls during my personal pick for Keith Giffen/Larry Mahlstedt art at the top of its game.

Next up, pretty much all of Yera's post-conspiracy appearances.
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{{Subject - Cute Romance Week: LOSH - Loves Me Like A Rock}}

Welcome, s_d, to the tale of a sweet, modest little romance that bloomed in the background of the Big Universe Saving plots of the 1980s Legion of Super-Heroes. It's the story of a new-agey crystal girl and her mineral balance.

Blok and the White Witch.

We all change. That's what gives us life. )

So now they're both on inactive status. But maybe someday they'll rejoin the Legion, and be cute and lighthearted again. Hope springs eternal, right?
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{{Subject: One Perfect Moment: the Reyes family works the problem.}}

A total of four pages from Blue Beetle III #7. I'd always known Jaime had a cool family, but this is where I really, seriously started wanting to be a Reyes.

So it's been a wild and woolly six issues previous to this for Jaime. He crash-landed naked in the desert only to be immediately attacked by Guy Gardner. His memory was scrambled, as seen in flashbacks to finding the scarab. He had to find clothes and dodge some shady characters called the Posse. He finally made it home in issue #3 only to discover that it's...One. Year. Later. dun dun dun His parents think he's on drugs, and when he armors up as proof of his wild story, Milagro flees screaming and Mom rejects him outright.

By #7, though, things have quieted down enough for the fam to go to the desert on a memory-jogging expedition.
KABOOOOMmm-chick-a-booooom. )

And that, my friends, is when I realized that the combined awesomeness of the Reyes clan plus honoraries could stand up to anything.
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Six and a third pages plus preview image from a 22 page story found in New Mutants v1 #18, "Death Hunt." This sums up all the reasons I loved Dani Moonstar back in the day, even though those same qualities lead to disaster in this 3-issue story.

Dani's been having psychic nightmares about the demon bear that killed her parents, and hiding it from the rest of the team.

So she works herself to exhaustion in the Danger Room fighting bears, and blows off Illyana's concerns after a sim.
Illyana didn't believe a word I said... )
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Filling neuhallidae's request for a scene from Uncanny X-Men #171, with context added. Six and a third pages plus preview image from a 23-page story, with Claremont writing and lovely Walt Simonson guest pencils. It's a bridge story tying up the first Morlock plot, advancing several other ongoing plots (including a visit X-friend Carol Danvers pays to her parents, who find her quite distant thanks to her brain-suckage and recent Binary-transformation), and bringing a newcomer to the front door at Graymalkin Lane:

Don't hit me, please - don't hit me! )

So that's how Rogue came to join the X-Men, and how Carol Danvers came to bid them all DIAF. Not my scans, sorry about the quality, I cleaned 'em up best I could.

suggested tags -
char: colossus/piotr rasputin, char: lilandra neramani, char: magik/illyana rasputin, char: ms. marvel/carol danvers, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, char: professor x/charles xavier, char: storm/ororo munroe, creator: bob wiacek, creator: chris claremont, creator: walt simonson, group: x-men, in-joke: one punch, publisher: marvel comics, title: uncanny x-men
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[personal profile] sailorlibra requested Bronze Age Lois Lane. Here are 6 and a half pages from a 20-page story, "The Day Lois Lane Walked All Over Superman," from Superman Family #183, May-June 1977. It's also the story that gives us a rather famous image, one that I considered using as the preview image, but in the end I couldn't resist a lovely image from the Neal Adams-drawn cover, especially since it encapsulates part of the story I had to cut:

I-I'll do anything, Lois! J-just don't hurt me... )
Whatta ya think, gang? Cracky enough for ya?

suggested tags:
char: deadman/boston brand, char: lois lane, char: superman/kal-el/clark kent, creator: cary bates, creator: kurt schaffenberger, creator: vince colletta, in-joke: crack, in-joke: herodickery, in-joke: science doesn't work that way, publisher: DC Comics, title: superdictionary, title: superman family
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C'mon, you know this guy:

you would even say it glows )

Circa 1957-58, no art or writing credits given. Not my scans. 9 1/3 pages of a 28 page story.
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[personal profile] skalja requested some old-school Marvel Team-Up. For your sampling pleasure today I've selected four issues from 1977, #s 59, 60, 61 and 62, by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Dave Hunt.

I loved the old MTU series for its meticulous attention to continuity; it wove the team-ups around the characters' own series, yet still flowed smoothly from one story to another itself; and, as you'll see here, it was a great place to pick up and expand upon dropped plot threads and start new ones. The tricky bit here is that the individual stories are only 17 pages long, which my trusty calculator tells me makes for 5 and a half postable pages. And the plots are kind of all over the place, so this may be a bit tricky to follow, but I shall try to fill in the gaps.

We start with #59, guest starring Yellowjacket and the Wasp, titled "Some Say Spidey Will Die By Fire...Some Say By Ice!" BTW, this issue is "dedicated - with respect and admiration - to Roy Thomas." I know not why.
Seventies Spidey could not catch an even break. Ever. )

So. What'd you guys think of the trip down memory lane?
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So, I happened across a cbr of the Supergirl Movie Special comic the other week, and in honor of the news that Helen Slater's going to be involved in the writing of Supergirl #50, I thought I'd post some of it. 16 pages of a 48-page story, plus 3 pinups. Adaptation written by Joey Cavalieri from Gary Odell's film script, art and colors by Gray Morrow.

fighting for truth justice and cheesecakey upskirt shots! )

Seriously, folks, if you're a fan of Supergirl upskirts, find yourself a copy of this thing. Gray Morrow drew pages and pages of them I didn't even have room to post here.
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How about a little Blue Devil v. Trickster to get this party rockin'? Say, 7 of 23 pages from Blue Devil #8, Jan. 85, with Keith Giffen on guest pencils?

So, Dan Cassidy has convinced Trickster to stand up to The Organization which has marked him for death, and he and Sharon are driving Jesse cross-country to a safe haven, when suddenly it's life as a Looney Tunes cartoon:

I'm already up to my earring in this! )
The idea of a mobile bank in transit just reminded me too much of s_d to pass up, gang.